📗 Two more chats with HR, and it was good

But today, I got two chats with HR from two new companies.

Both are crypto companies, one is a startup, and one is big.

The first one is a payment and crypto startup founded in 2019. He only has one designer now, but she’s part-time. But she did everything for the product. How come? I’m wondering how she can do that. I want to talk to her.

They are a small team of around 12 engineers and one product manager. It reminds me of Leflair. The recruiter wanted to ask me for more detail on Leflair. She asked me how I felt about working at Leflair.

Their interview process is only two rounds. One round with the part-time designer. One round with the CTO. But the designer is on leave now, and she will only come back on 16 Jan 2022. The recruiter said she didn’t want to keep me on hold for long. So she will try to push me to have a talk with the CTO first.

I was shocked to know that the interview would only have two rounds.

I’m not sure it will work. Let’s see how.

On the note side, I didn’t apply for the role. The recruiter messaged me on LinkedIn, and I didn’t reply to her until she reminded me with a message yesterday.

When reading the reminder, I thought they were interested in me. That’s why I decide to have a chat.

But she shared about the opportunities, and I’m interested in them. The person they want to hire will be the only designer on the team. And they want to build up a team of designers from that. So that person will build the team from the ground up. That’s a good direction for me (If they can do that :D)

In the beginning, I thought the first one was a big company. But I was wrong, and I confused it with another company.

I like a company with a solid aesthetic standard like that. I can do it.

All I need to do now is prepare my Portfolio presentation.