To be a good designer

One of the biggest lessons I learned this year is the power of confidence, for a designer.

There are so many things to learn to be a good designer. Nothing is less important than the other. It depends on the stage of our career. But there’s one thing that always is beneficial for us, at any stage.


It gives us the power to talk about our design, to convince people to believe in our design, to tell them how good the design is.

Confidence encourages us to believe in our designs. Then communicate it clearly to help other people understand it better.

Confidence encourages us to talk more, especially for introverts (most designers are introvert). When we talk more, people will understand us better. And we will understand ourselves clearer.

And confidence is a must-to-have if we work in a big team. Where you have to collaborate with other designers, to work with the Product Manager, to convince engineers on your solution, and to communicate with a bigger stakeholder when you design effects to the company.

Confidence is what I missed when I first come to Singapore to work. A new environment, new people, talk in a different language. I almost restarted from zero, not absolute zero, and almost there. Then I learn that if I’m not confident in my design, none else will.

Other people will push their ideas to replace it. Even though I believe their ideas are very bad, and my solution works better. But I didn’t speak up, then my design is through into a “Draft” page where it never sees the light again.

The greatest thing that helps me gain confidence is the quote from the book ‘Whatever you think think the opposite”

What’s your point of view?

There is a conventional or popular point of view

There is a personal point of view

There is a large point of view which the majority share.

There is a small point of view which just a few share.

But there is no right point of view.

You are always right.

You are always wrong.

It just depends on which pole you are looked at.

Advances in any field are built upon people with the small or personal point of view.

What’s your opinion?

― by Paul Arden.

Personal opinion matters. Speak up. Say it. Be confident.