🌱 The new success metric for a knowledge worker is the number of evergreen notes written per day

While reading more notes from Andy Matuschak, I went from hope to disappointment to enlightening.

The light today is I discovered a metric to define a better writer or knowledge worker. It’s the number of evergreen notes written per day:

“If you had to set one metric to use as a leading indicator for yourself as a knowledge worker, the best I know might be the number of 🌱 Evergreen notes written per day.”
Evergreen note-writing as a fundamental unit of knowledge work

That might not be true for some people. But I don’t care. Because I resonate with it.

It helps me fall in love with the process rather than the result. By counting the 🌱 Evergreen notes each day, we can see we’re progressing bit by bit.

It’s 1% better every day.