STAR Interview Method for Product Designers

STAR interview method is a powerful tool that product designers can use to showcase skills during job interviews.
STAR Interview Method for Product Designers
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The STAR interview method is a technique used to answer behavioral interview questions.

STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

This method is used by many employers to assess how well a candidate has handled specific situations in the past, as a predictor of how they may handle similar situations in the future.

After being laid off, I went through numerous job interviews. I found it helpful to organize my answers to the interviewers' many questions using the STAR method.

In this post, I will help you to organize good answers to prepare for product design interviews with STAR method.

Why you should use the STAR interview method?

Firstly, it provides a structured way to answer behavioral questions. This can help you organize your thoughts and present them in a clear and concise way.

Next, it highlights your experiences. By sharing specific examples or your past experiences, you can demonstrate your relevant experience and expertise to employers.

Then, it shows your good communication skills. The STARR method requires clear and effective communication, which is important for any job. By using it, you can demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively and concisely.

Finally, it builds your confidence. The more you prepare, the more confident you are. Having a structured thought help you feel more in control and less nervous.

How to apply the STAR method to product design interview

Let’s say the interviewer asks this question

“Tell me about one of your proudest professional accomplishments?”

With the STAR method, you can organize your questions like this.


Describe the context and the problem that you were trying to solve.

Provide some background information and explain the scope of the project.

"In my previous role as a product designer, I was tasked with redesigning a mobile app that had low user engagement rates. The app was used for booking appointments, and users found it difficult to navigate and book appointments efficiently."


Explain the task that you had to accomplish or the goal that you had in mind.

This will give context to the situation.

"My goal was to improve the user experience of the app and increase user engagement by simplifying the booking process and making it more intuitive."


Describe the action that you took to address the situation or accomplish the task.

This should be the most detailed part of your response, and you should provide specific details about the steps you took to address the situation.

"I conducted user research to identify pain points and user needs, and used that information to create user personas and user journeys. I also conducted usability tests on the current app and used the results to inform the redesign. I created wireframes and prototypes to test different design concepts and iterated on the designs based on feedback from stakeholders and users."


Describe the outcome of your action.

This should be a positive result that demonstrates your success in addressing the situation or accomplishing the task.

"The redesigned app received positive feedback from users and saw a 30% increase in engagement rates. The simplified booking process and intuitive design made it easier for users to book appointments, resulting in more successful appointments and happier users."

Real STAR interview questions in a product design interview

  1. Faced difficulty and how you overcome it?
  2. Tell me about the time you failed. How did you handle it?
  3. Have a conflict you had with another designer, how did you handle it?
  4. How do you define the role of a Product Designer?
  5. Which parts of the product and process do you see as your responsibility and which are not?
  6. Had a tight deadline to meet. How did you get things done
  7. One of your proudest professional accomplishments?
  8. Share one of your proudest projects
  9. you disagreed with your manager and how did you solve it?
I will share my experience with each of those questions in the next weeks. So stay tuned.

In conclusion, the STAR interview method is a powerful tool that product designers can use to showcase your problem-solving skills, design process, and communication during job interviews.

Wish you luck during this difficult time.

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