📗 One chat with HR and one more invite to chatting

Today is Friday, and there is no job that is in the interview yet. Most of the meetings are with HR to introduce and career background. It’s a good start then. Coz today is only the first week for job seeking.

It’s the end of the year, the process will take longer.

I will have a call with an HR from Airwallex soon at 10:00 am. I only applied for the job yesterday, but she asked if  I had time for today’s chat. I have time, so I accepted it.

Maybe she will be on leave next week and wants to finish his job. Or maybe, they don’t have many applications and saw my profile fit their requirements. Or maybe, I’m just really a good fit for the team.

Last night, I wrote a long cover letter to Bifrost.ai, a 3D tool. I’m very excited about it. It’s a startup, but the designing tool is always my favorite thing to do.

I rarely write a cover letter. But I need to write it for this position because I want to work on that. We won’t find many companies building tools like that in Singapore. Most of them are eCommerce, fintech, edtech,…

I hope the cover letter will convince them about my skill, and I’m looking for an email reply so I can chat to know them more and help them know more about my background.

Later, I will turn that letter into an [[🌱 Evergreen notes]]. A note should be concept orientated and can reuse for different jobs. I can feel I will reuse it many more times.

Also, I will create my system for interviewing. Preparing the point that I will share with recruiters. Because I’m doing mass interviews, better to have a system.

A system will include:

  • Self-intro
  • My design process
  • My career goal
  • My expectation
  • Behavioral questions
  • Questions to ask back
  • Notes for the interview process
  • And more...

I’ve just had a chat with Lin from Airwallex. The company is big. They have around 20+ designers globally. They focus on Fintech, Fiance, and Banking.

Their co-founders are Chinese-Austrailans. In a total of five, there’s one co-founder who is head of design.

It’s very big and quite feels like Carousell and bigger.

The HR is from China, but her English is very good. She talked fast with an American accent. She will share my profile with the hiring manager to see if he’s interested.

10:40 am
I got a reply from Bifrost. He’s the one who talked to me on LinkedIn! They’ve just finished their Townhall and are quite busy. So he said to read out to me next week!