📗 Much support from friends and LinkedIn people

Keith, my ex-head of design, sent me a message yesterday. He sent me a Job description from Google and a job from Viki, which Tina had asked me on Instagram. Seeing Tina’s year-end party at Viki makes me feel very interested. Many companies didn’t have a Year End party this year, but Viki had. So they are quite OK in terms of finance?

I need to interview different places so that I will have choices. When I have choices, I can easily deal with people.

My post on LinkedIn got lots of attention and support from the community. I’m surprised with the post's impression on Linkedin, around 50K impressions until now. It even got the highest number of reactions of all the posts I posted on social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, IG,…)

So, I’m considering using LinkedIn as the primary platform to share my content. For both personal and Vidizai. With the content I have, I think LinkedIn will work well for me. It’s also the best time to start being more active on LinkedIn. Coz I’m unemployed anyway, none will care about why I’m so active on LinkedIn.