🌱 Moving my website to Ghost

I’m building an entirely new website with Ghost. My goal is ambitious — to make it my primary website.

It will include all my content: Writing, Books, Notes, Projects, Side Projects, and my newsletter.

I was pleased with my current site based on Gatsby, but it adds friction to my writing. My Gatsby site is a static website. Every time I want to publish a post, I have to add my content to the source code, then push it to Github, then the site will be built. It takes about 5 minutes to develop and publish my post.

It’s not a big problem. Because I didn’t have many audiences and I didn’t need to post instantly. But now, I’m writing lots of notes and. I write almost daily and want an easy way to share it online. A static site will add more friction to my publication.

I have a similar issue that Matej Latin had. (He moved back to WordPress)

For me, Ghost is a great solution. It has everything I need, plus an email newsletter that I can send and publish my post to my subscribers at once. Nore more friction.

Working with Ghost and building my custom site requires some coding knowledge. My basic CSS, HTML, and JS should be enough. I made my website based on an official theme and learned much from many Ghost official articles. Like how I can query posts, how to config the design on the package.json file,…

Now I’m integrating all the current content into my new website, built based on Ghost.

I’ll share more progress when building it.