Learning a new tool brings me to new things

I’m often obsessed with learning new tools I love, and 🌱 Obsidian is the newest favourite.

But at the same time, I also feel guilty when spending too much time on the tool.

Because wisdom says:

“The workflow is important, not the app.”
From [[Book—How to take smart notes by Sonke Ahrens]]

At first, I’m just curious to know what this tool is and why everybody recommends it. I’m also happy with my note-taking app, Bear, which works fine for me.

But exploring 🌱 Obsidian leads me to many new things.

I started to think about 🌱 The point of taking notes is to think better, how to make notes more useful, and how to take better notes.

Then it leads me to Personal Knowledge Management and the book 'Build a second brain'.

Then it led me to The Zettelkasten note-taking method to write notes, then I stumbled upon an exciting term called 🌱 Evergreen notes.

Then it leads me to a new book 'How to take smart notes' by Sonke Ahrens which is the one I need now to take notes better.

And now, I’m very excited to learn new things to become better and produce more content.