🌱 A second brain

A second brain is the trustiest place where you keep all information that matters to you.

In the digital age, that’s a place to store all your personal knowledge—notes that link to each other.

Think about your current brain. It’s the center of everything that belongs to you. But in the digital age, the information is overwhelming. We need a second place to keep the information essential to us.

A good second brain shouldn’t be a place to hoard information. It should store important details written in your own words and densely linked between notes.

To build a good second brain, you should change how you take notes. [[Book—How to take smart notes by Sonke Ahrens]] is a good one.

The concept of a second brain isn’t new. It has existed since a long time ago with the name Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). But the term, ‘A second brain’ by Tiago Forte sounds fancier. That’s why it’s getting popular now.

(After reading the book [[Book—Build a second brain]], I think the name Second Brain did a great job on marketing. A book for it isn’t worth it. Because the idea is very simple and I can summarise it in one single post)

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